Buffet and Reservation Policy 

We would like to make your stay at Dragon King as enjoyable as possible and have outline our buffet and reservation policy below to avoid confusion and any mis-understanding.

1. Please ‘EAT AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE’ from the buffet.

2. A surcharge will be added, at discretion of management for any undue wastage.

3. The sharing of food is forbidden. Consumption of any amount of food from the buffet will be charged at full price.

4. Buffet food cannot be taken off the premises as takeaway. Should you wish to take food away this must be purchased at the takeaway buffet.

5. For children [under 12 years], proof of age as photo identification must be provided upon request, otherwise adult prices will apply.

6. Dragon King does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to your personal belongings. Please keep with you at all times.

7. Supervise children at all times. Tongs are hot. Ornaments should not be mounted. Any breakages whether cutlery or tableware will be charged at discretion of management.

8. A cover charge will be added for any soft or alcoholic beverages bought into and consumed on restaurant premises.

9. Bar snacks can only be taken at the bar, unless at the discretion of management.

10. Dragon King does not accept personal cheque payments.

11. A 50p surcharge is added (by the Bank, not us) for credit card payments of £5 or less.

12. We will prosecute non-payment of bills and treat as criminal offence.

13. Dragon King staff will not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse by customers and civil / criminal action will be taken to pursue instigator. Security guards operate within the park vicinity.

14.Dragon King operates a reservation and table booking policy.

For small party bookings of 10 – 29 people, customers are required to secure the booking with a deposit of £2 pounds per head. Customer must confirm total number of people 48 hours prior to event; otherwise Dragon King reserves the right to retain the £2 deposit for ‘No Shows’.

For large party bookings of 30 people or more, customers are required to secure the booking with deposit of £2 per head. A 5% surcharge will be added to large party bookings. Customer must confirm total number of people 48 hours prior to the event; otherwise Dragon King reserves the right to deduct the full meal price for ‘No Shows’. Deposits can either be paid by credit/debit card or cash in person. All deposits must be paid at least 48 hours prior to event. Dragon King does not accept personal cheques.

Any company cheques can be accepted at discretion of Management and must be cleared at least 1 week prior to event. Deposits can either be deducted from the final bill or refunded to the original card or cash. Please let staff know if advance.

If you have any suggestions or complaints please write to Dragon King Management Team, Unit 2, Kendal Avenue, Royale Leisure Park, London. W3 0PA or email mail@dragon-king.co.uk

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